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Why Seneca College ?

  • Largest Government Funded College in Canada
  • Curriculum that is continually reviewed to current and future market demands so our graduates are more than ready for the job market
  • Recent Govt survey says: Over 94.3% of Employers are VERY SATISFIED with Seneca graduates skills and knowledge!
  • Only College in Canada recognised at the 2005 Academy Award `OSCAR' Ceremonies
  • Largest Business College in Canada
  • Offers "Career Jump Starts" through 4 MONTH Work Terms in the 2nd and 3rd year of most program areas
  • Very proud of the fact that 'Over 95% of `Current International Students' recommend Seneca to their friends and family

Why should I go abroad while studying at Seneca?

There are countless reasons why you may choose to study or work abroad during your time at Seneca. In addition to seeing another part of the world and experiencing life in a new culture, the opportunity can provide you with an opportunity to explore academic and work environments outside of Canada. Global opportunities also provide you with marketable skills, such as intercultural learning, adaptability and flexibility, which you can highlight to future employers. You may also learn a new language, expand your network or simply check a travel destination off your bucket list.

What types of programs are available?

The International Mobility Office offers four main types of programs, called global opportunities: Semester Exchange allows you to study abroad for a semester (four to six months) with one of our international partners. You will explore new cultures and new forms of teaching while earning credit towards your Seneca credential. Summer Academic Program allows students to study abroad for two to six weeks during the summer. Students typically take one or two courses that can offset the workload for an upcoming term. These programs have extracurricular activities and experiential learning embedded in the programming to ensure you explore the local culture and context of the host country. Faculty-Led Program Abroad (FLPA) is an opportunity to take Seneca courses overseas. You will join a group of Seneca students and experience the world under the guidance of a Seneca faculty member. International Work Experience: Several programs at Seneca have mandatory or optional work experience components. These may come in the form of field placements, externships, work terms or co-ops. This global opportunity allows you to gain a competitive edge when entering an increasingly globalized work force.

I’m an international student — am I eligible to participate in a Global opportunity?

Yes. International students at Seneca who are interested in participating on a global opportunity are required to meet with an immigration specialist prior to starting their application. This is to ensure that their program of study and/or study permit will not be impacted by travelling abroad. Immigration specialists can be reached at international.services@senecacollege.ca.

How do I apply?

PLease Visit at https://megamindonline.com/

When is the deadline to apply?

Deadlines for each program can vary. More information is listed on our website under each of the “Our Opportunities” options. In general, we accept applications from mid-fall to mid-winter semester for the upcoming academic year.

What happens after I apply?

Once you’ve submitted your completed application, the International Mobility Office and the SenecaAbroad Selection Committee will review your application. It can take our office 10 to 15 business days to review your application. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with next steps.

What type of accommodation/housing is available?

The type of accommodation available to you will depend on the type of global opportunity you have been accepted to as well as the host/partner organization where you will be studying or working: for Semester Exchange or Summer Academic Program, host institutions will facilitate on-campus and/or off-campus housing options for Faculty-Led Program Abroad, accommodations are typically arranged through the International Mobility Office students taking part in International Work Experience should consult with their WIL/Field Placement Co-ordinators and/or Host Organization for more information on accommodation

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