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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Why Southern Alberta Institute of Technology ?

  • The Canadian Rockies : 3 million people visit the Canadian Rockies each year, and with good reason.
  • Industry
  • Warm welcome
  • Frontier history
  • Youthful cities
  • Chinook winds
  • Low cost healthcare

My study permit is still under processing, can I start my program online outside of Canada for Winter 2022? Will it affect my future PGWP application?

Yes, you can. According to IRCC COVID–19 International Students page, as long as you have applied for your study permit before your program starts and it’s eventually approved, you will still be eligible for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program. The current policy also allows your overseas study time to count towards your future PGWP length until Aug. 31, 2022. Therefore, if you choose to study online overseas in Winter 2022, your future PGWP won’t be shortened, provided your study permit is approved. Should you wish to start your program while your study permit is still under processing, please also familiarize yourself with the SAIT Refund policy. Please find more information +91-888-22-55-001

What if my study permit is refused after I started my online program? How will it affect my PGWP application?

If your first study permit application is submitted before your program starts and gets refused, and your subsequent application is received before the end of your program and is eventually approved, your study time taken since your first application submission will be still counted towards your future PGWP. Please find more information +91-888-22-55-001

I am a current student; can I continue to study online from outside Canada in Winter 2022 semester?

With the updates from IRCC that the time you have spent studying online and outside Canada between Spring 2020 until August 31, 2022 will count towards the length of your PGWP. Therefore, if your program will be delivered in an online format for Winter 2022 semester, you can continue to study online from outside Canada in this semester provided you have a valid study permit or study permit approval.

What if I can’t continue in Winter 2022?

Extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis for an authorized leave. Please note that international students have to complete at least two terms of study before requesting an authorized leave. Please contact International Student Advisors to discuss details at +91-8882255001

I’m inside Canada now. Can I study online in Winter 2022?

Students who are already in Canada are still eligible for PGWP when they take online courses if that is the only delivery mode available and there is no alternative option available. However, students who are in Canada are highly recommended to attend in-person classes if they are offered.

Can I take a break from my study?

You are able to take a break from your study if it is your programs scheduled break. Scheduled breaks are part of SAIT’s academic calendar and are pre-scheduled as breaks for all students in a particular program and intake. You should contact your Academic Advisor if you are unsure when is your program scheduled break. International students cannot create their own scheduled breaks.

I need to provide my biometrics. How does it work under COVID-19 impact?

If you are located outside of Canada, please note currently some Visa Application Centres (VAC) are still closed. Please check on the website whether the VACs close to you are open before you go there. If the time exceeds the 90 days on your biometrics letter and the VACs are still not available for you, you do not need to request a new biometrics letter as the deadline will be automatically extended and your application will not be refused because you can’t provide your biometrics. If you are located in Canada, please note that IRCC has recently removed the biometrics requirement for temporary residents who apply from inside of Canada. Types of application include: 1) A study permit, work permit and visitor record extension 2) Temporary residents status restoration 3) A new study permit, work permit or visitor visa application 4) Temporary resident permit application

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