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Why North Island College ?

  • Destination College
  • University Pathway
  • Path to career success
  • Source for academic excellence
  • 8,053 Students
  • 367 International Students
  • 18 Average Number of Students per Class

My classes in my country are cancelled and I do not have final marks for my Grade 12 courses. How can I meet the admission requirements?

We understand that many courses around the world are interrupted due to the COVID-19. At this time please submit the documents that you have been issued up to this point. This may include transcripts from all Grade 11 and part of Grade 12 courses and interim/partial/predictive results. When forwarding this information to NIC International Admissions, please indicate the documents you are unable to obtain at this time and if you know, when you can expect to receive them.

Because of COVID-19, I cannot get my transcripts from schools I previously attended (high school, college or university). What should I do?

This depends on what documents you can provide to us. After submitting your online application to NIC through Education Planner BC, please contact us at iadmissions@nic.bc.ca attaching all documents you have from your recent education and let us know what you cannot produce at this time. Once we receive this information we will advise you on the next step.

I cannot complete IELTS or TOEFL tests in my city/country. Is there any other assessment I can take from home?

If you are choosing to take online IELTS Indicator or online TOEFL, the required scores are the same as in-person assessments, as detailed here. NIC also accepts Duolingo English Test in lieu of IELTS or TOEFL and you must achieve the minimum of 105 in the Duolingo English Test to meet the English admission requirement of IELTS 6.0 (overall score). If you have submitted the Duolingo English Test score below 105, we require you to wait for 3 weeks prior to re-testing.

There is a travel ban to Canada right now. Will I be able to come to Canada and start my study?

In October 2020, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that North Island College is an approved Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and can bring students to Canada to begin studies. Only students with full study permit approval can enter Canada to study at North Island College. Any student with full study permit approval must follow the instructions in the NIC travel advisory in order to plan their trip to Canada with the assistance of the Office of Global Engagement. Options are available for students who have received stage one Approval in Principle (AIP) status and who would like to begin their studies from their home country. Please connect with us by emailing istudentvisas@nic.bc.ca to determine whether you can begin your studies remotely.

What happens if I do not get my study permit in time for the start of term?

If your study permit remains in process at the time of your start date, you have the option to defer your intake to the next available intake for your program. NIC will communicate with you on the next steps be in contact with you during the summerbefore the term start and we will communicate with you on the next steps. Please check your NIC email inbox regularly.

My study permit has been approved and I want to travel to Canada. How can I find accommodations?

Please review the NIC Travel Advisory for full details on traveling to Canada, quarantine regulations and information regarding accommodations. You will need to follow all travel advisories for entering Canada including and quarantine measures.

I’m in India and have a study permit approval, can I travel to Canada now?

Please refer to the Government of Canada webpage to find out if you can enter Canada.

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