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Lakeland College

Why Lakeland College ?

  • For high quality education
  • For immigration opportunities
  • Because its affordable

What is the difference between full-time and part-time study?

Full-time students and part-time students are defined by their course load. Full time status is required for eligibility for student loans, for most awards, scholarships and bursaries, to participate in college athletics or to stay in residence. To maintain full-time student status you must be enrolled in at least 60% of the required courses for your program in each semester. In many programs this means that you would have to be enrolled in at least 3 of the 5 required courses scheduled in a term to be considered full time. If you take less than 60% of the course load, then you are considered a part-time student. While most classes are delivered between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm, a student with a 100% course load could expect to be in class about 30 hours per week at most. This can vary from program to program and from season to season depending upon your field of study. A few of our full time programs are delivered in the evening and on weekends, and some programs have evening classes.

Do you have to live in residence?

We're glad you want to come to Lakeland College. Where you live is entirely your choice. Living in residence isn't mandatory. You will find residence convenient and you'll also make a lot of friends. Please note that you need to look for off-campus housing early. Vermilion is a small town (population 4,500) and Lloydminster is a city. There's a lot of competition in both locations for the apartments, rental houses, shared rooms and basement suites.

Can my friend and I stay in the same dorm?

ou definitely can request to live with your friend in the same dorm, or request to be roommates (at least if you're the same gender). Our dorms are all co-ed, but roommates are the same gender. Something to consider: While you may be friends, you might not make good roommates. Does one of you study with the radio on full blast and the other like quiet? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Is your friend the same? Are you a neat freak and your friend never hangs up their clothes? Is your friend's idea of cooking microwaving a TV dinner? Do you hate hamburger and you friend could live on it? Can you stick to a bathroom cleaning schedule? Consider some of those things if you plan to share a room (doubles in Vermilion) and living areas including a bathroom (spinwheels in Lloydminster).

Is there security in residence?

There are a few security measures in residence. It starts with all the outside (doors to the outdoors) requiring a key fob/card to open. Whether you are in Lloydminster or Vermilion, the door to your dorm room also locks--so your key fob/card is required. In Vermilion's main dorms, the hallway door to your room or suite also has a lock. Locks don't mean much, unless the locked doors are closed. So, we encourage you not to prop open any of your dorm doors. Security staff and RAs also do walk throughs of the buildings after hours--in the evening and early morning. Security and RA on-call numbers are posted. You can also request a safe walk service from a security officer.

How much is tuition?

Tuition varies by program. To check your program, try our fee calculator. It also includes an estimate for books, field trips and other fees. You can also plug in living costs.

Can I bring a dog to school?

There's good news and bad news if you are a dog lover. Pets aren't permitted in residence, so if you really want your dog, you'll have to find a place off campus. If you have a stock dog, there are kennel spots on the Vermilion campus for stock dog club members. This is limited to stock dog breeds such as Border Collie, Kelpie or Australian Shepherd. Crossbred dogs of 2 stock dog breeds will be accepted. There are 14 kennel spots for club dogs on campus. If you want to know about the stock dog club, check out the Clubs page on the website.

When will I receive my T2202A?

T2202As are available on My Lakeland at the end of February for the previous year. If you are missing a T2202A from 2011 to present, those forms are available on your My Lakeland account. If you are an apprentice, your T2202A will be mailed to you.

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