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Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Why Kwantlen Polytechnic University ?

  • A Place to Discover
  • A Place to Grow
  • A Place for You
  • The Polytechnic Advantage
  • Opportunity to Work and Immigrate
  • A Relationship Focused Experience

Can international students apply to KPU online?

Yes. Prospective students from anywhere around the world can apply to KPU online.

Does KPU charge an application fee?

The application fee is CAD $120 for international students. Please note that applications are considered incomplete without payment of the $120 application fee and cannot be processed.

What methods of payment does KPU accept for the application fee?

KPU accepts the following credits cards for payment of the application fee: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept VISA Debit and VISA Gift Cards as methods of payment.

How can I submit my documents?

Please send your documents our Counsellers, More Info +91-8882255001

Wait to hear from KPU International

Once all items on your application checklist have been received, KPU International will begin evaluating your file. Applicants who are admissible to their desired program will receive an e-mail offer of admission letter, which will inform you of next steps, such as instructions for paying a confirmation deposit and accepting the offer of admission. If your offer is conditional, the conditions to remain admissible will also be outlined in your letter. If you are not admissible to your first choice program, KPU Admissions will assess whether you are admissible to your second choice application, or an alternate program.

How do I receive my acceptance package?

Upon receipt of the confirmation deposit, we will send you an acceptance package consisting of the following documents within 3 business days: 1.Letter of Acceptance 2.Budget Sample Letter 3.Immigration Letter

What is conditional admission?

Conditional admission provides admission to the university, provided that you complete and meet the General University Admission Requirements and any other conditions as outlined in your conditional offer letter. Students that are conditionally admitted are still provided access to register into courses. Final acceptance is granted when all outstanding conditions have been satisfied. Students that do not meet the conditions of their offer of admission will be contacted by KPU International.

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