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Don’t stress out over finding IELTS practice tests, study notes or learning the exam format. You get everything you need to succeed, accessible online, anywhere, anytime. IELTS Online has been carefully designed and developed, so you won’t miss out on any hints, tips or knowledge needed to get a good score.

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Our trainers have a proven track record in training the candidates to achieve a high score in the IELTS exam. Attend live training which gives you the opportunity to clarify your doubts with experienced trainers

Simulate exam conditions

Studying for the IELTS test involves more than just reading and writing. Our IELTS preparation courses include practical activities in listening and speaking, allowing you to listen to audio samples and record your own speaking that can be submitted for assessment by qualified IELTS Tutors. Answer the questions by choosing onscreen, or typing your answers within the course.

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Businesses are constantly changing and technology is always improving. Creating a first-class customer experience means always looking for ways to upgrade and never settling for just Okay. We do this by constantly monitoring and reviewing our student’s feedback to see how we can make them better.

Ielts Consultant in Delhi

We at Megaminds are one of the leading and top-notch IELTS Consultant in Delhi emphasizing making the right career choices for students and guiding them through overseas education services. We are continuously striving to give students a remarkable educational experience abroad. Megaminds is a premier IELTS Consultant in Delhi with its offices in Delhi and Chandigarh offering personalized career counseling to students who wish to dream of studying overseas. Being one of the well-known and reliable education consultants in Delhi we pose expertise in profiling students and making them aware of industry-oriented courses they can opt for study abroad to make a remarkable career in their chosen field of study.


We focus on making sure that students choose the most sought-after destinations for their academic careers. We have a team of qualified, certified trainers, and counselors working tirelessly toward making the process of applying to international universities easy and uninterrupted. We have been there since 2003 and are one of the most prominent IELTS Consultant in Delhi, we tend to offer a one-stop shop for our students from evaluating their profiles, selecting the best universities, filling out applications, guiding you through the visa services, accommodations, LOR/SOP, IELTS test preparation. We do take care of everything from the start till you get there.

Having a strong and unbeatable alumnus network we have been serving 150+ Universities. We have 20+years of experience in helping students to make the right choice, our qualified trainers and counselors ensure that they give students the most accurate and unbiased advice to select what suits them the best. Our trainers believe that every student is different and has unique requirements w do follow the customized model of guiding aspirants towards their goals. We being the leaders in the industry and well known as IELTS Consultant in Delhi have placed more than 10000+ students globally having a Visa success rate of 95%.


Planning to study abroad and confused about what’s next. Don’t worry, we have a plan for you and we will work with you to ensure your plan to study abroad is executed in a proper and systemic way. While studying abroad at a foreign university is a big step it would also definitely have a lot of questions like what course should I opt for. Which country should I study in? Where will I have better work opportunities with the diverse work culture? We can be the answer to all your queries above.

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