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Why Concordia University Of Edmonton ?

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When are my tuition and fees due?

Tuition and fees are due the first day of class in each term. Students beginning their studies in September will see their statement of account in their Online Services in early August. Please visit our website for payment options. Should you have any questions, please contact +91-8882255001

How much will university cost?

You can visit our website for the tuition and fee schedule or view your tuition statement in early August. The Estimating University Costs document may also help you figure out the cost of attending university. For more information, speak to a Financial Aid Advisor.

What types of financial aid are available at Concordia?

Concordia University of Edmonton offers a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to recognize and assist full-time undergraduate and graduate students (Open Studies and Certificate and Diploma programs are not eligible for scholarships and bursaries). Scholarships and bursaries help lower the cost of a university education for bachelor degrees, master degrees, and after degree programs.​

What is the difference between a scholarship and bursary?

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit while bursaries are based on financial need

How does my student loan pay my tuition?

When your student loan is approved, Concordia is required to confirm your registration. When we confirm registration, we will also make a request for a portion of your student loan to come to us to be applied directly to what you owe for tuition. The difference between what we request and what you are receiving in your disbursement is direct deposited to your bank account.

What happens to my student loans if I drop below full-time enrolment?

We encourage you to speak with a financial aid advisor before dropping to part-time or withdrawing from your program so that you understand the consequences. Funding can be cancelled and payments received returned to the student loan lender.

What is a Student Line of Credit?

A student line of credit is another method of borrowing money to cover the cost of your education. Most of the major banks provide flexible options for students. Although banks make borrowing money easy, you should remember that there can be negative consequences to borrowing money unwisely. We encourage you to speak to a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your options for funding your education.

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