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Why CCSQ ?

  • One of the Largest & Multi-cultural University in Canada
  • Safe Environment & better Lifestyle
  • High-Quality Education
  • Perfect place to follow professional training in office automation or IT support

Why study at CCSQ?

There are many elements that distinguish CCSQ from other learning institutions, including its specialized internships, vibrant campus, on-site parking, state-of-the-art equipment, and proximity to the downtown core of Montreal. However, a defining characteristic of CCSQ is its student-first mandate. CCSQ's devotion to providing students with a sense of belonging is an integral element of its identity, and best demonstrated through a dynamic student life, invaluable placement services, and the continuous support extended to the institution’s students.

What programs are offered by CCSQ?

CCSQ specializes in offering in-demand programs with high employment rates. Based on recent employment studies conducted in Canada, CCSQ has opted to offer the programs Through these programs, CCSQ hopes to support businesses by targeting their specific training needs, all while contributing to the development of international students who come to Canada in search of fruitful opportunities.

Are Internships included in the the programs at CCSQ?

CCSQ recognizes that true knowledge extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. At CCSQ, internships are mandatory, as they allow students to put the concepts they acquire into practice. These opportunities allow students to benefit from an education that is practical, well-rounded and, above all, highly valued among employers. The details of these internship opportunities, including length and domain, vary according to each program.

When does CCSQ schedule its intakes for students?

At CCSQ, there are three intakes per year. These intakes are scheduled in January, May, and September. International students are expected to prepare their flight plans and necessary documentation accordingly.

How do I find an internship?

CCSQ has a full time Internship coordinator who will help place students in the internships that are part of their course curriculum.

What if I wish to withdraw from CCSQ?

Students who wish to withdraw from CCSQ can find details for our refund policy here(www.megamindonline.com). Please note for international students; any changes to the policy that were made during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic were temporary when international travel and study permits were put on hold. Given the updates by the CIC during the summer of 2020 as well as the extensive online infrastructure and support put in place to support our students, the standard CCSQ refund policy shall now apply.

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