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Cape Breton University

Why Cape Breton University ?

  • Advantage of outstanding experiential learning
  • 19th Rank in Canada by MacLean’s
  • Provides worth CAD 2.5M scholarships every year
  • Innovative economic development and sustainability programs

How is COVID-19 affecting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada?

IRCC, along with other government departments and international allies, continues to closely monitor COVID 19 and any impacts on people and our operations. To view a list of their frequently asked questions,

Do I need a study permit to take courses that have been moved online due to COVID-19?

While you do not need a study permit to study by distance, a study permit will be required if you plan to come to Canada in the future to continue your studies, or apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). If this applies to you, we recommend students have a valid study permit when you begin your program at home. If your study permit has not been approved by the time the semester begins, we will be happy to defer your start date to the next semester. If you will be staying in Canada to continue your studies you do need to have a valid study permit while you are studying and you are required to comply with all current study permit conditions.

I’m waiting for a decision on my study permit extension. Can I return home?

Yes, you can return home but keep in mind that your study permit will be mailed to the Canadian address on your application. Please make sure it’s being sent to a safe place and someone will let you know when it arrives. When you have been approved for an extension you will be able to apply for a new visa and you will not need to have the new printed study permit. You will only need to have the email that the extension has been approved and the expiry date of the extension.

Will I still need to give biometrics?

Yes, you will still need to provide biometrics if you have not already done so but there will be a 90-day extension for those who are unable to book an appointment. The letter you receive will still say 30 days. More information : +91-8882255001

Will my international student health insurance plan cover COVID-19 testing or if I get sick?

If you get sick after your arrival in Canada your Guard.Me international student health insurance will cover the cost of your treatment if you are in Canada. If you have left Canada to return home, you will not be covered in your home country. You may be eligible for Nova Scotia MSI (Nova Scotia health card). If you have been in Nova Scotia for 12 full months and have not left the province for more than 30 days during this time, you may be eligible for additional FREE health coverage. Please call 1-800-563-8880 to confirm your eligibility. As well, if your spouse is in Canada on a work permit, you are immediately eligible without the 12 month waiting period.

I am unable to work but I don't qualify for employment insurance, what do I do?

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit is now available. You can find information on the new https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/economic-response-plan.html#increasing_canada_child_benefit

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