Engineering Colleges In Canada

MEGAMIND brings to you a suitable and perfect podium for all the seekers who want to pursue their engineering in Canada. Canada covers many of the best colleges in the world for engineering to suit your diverse needs. Leading the list of top engineering colleges in Canada the University of Toronto is the ideal dream for many students. University of Toronto is a communal research university established in 1827. To be a part of this University, international students should secure more than 85% results in their 10+2 final examination and IELTS obligation is 6.5. The university delivers 17 courses in Engineering for students to choose from.

University of Alberta is a research demanding university that provides eight courses in engineering. International students should secure not less than 75% in their 10+2 final examination and a SAT score of minimum 1650. The teaching staff is qualified and equipped with in depth knowledge of the subjects

Additional top engineering colleges in Canada are University of Ottawa, University of Calgary, University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University and Ryerson University.

Canada is global approved for its excellence in education and comfortable lifestyle. In footings of engineering education Canada stocks some of the best Universities offering a competitive education attached with excellent opportunities which help in training them to become doyens in the Engineering field. Further with the help of MEGAMIND your each and every dream will be fulfilled in way to provide you with maximum satisfaction.

you with maximum satisfaction. The top ranks engineering colleges in Canada which will become the towpath for your career enhancement are:


  • McGill's teaching staff is highly appreciated for engineering schools and delivers undergraduate and graduate courses in numerous Engineering programs.
  • Research ventures are conducted in all sectors of Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning for better enrichment of students.
  • Financial backing is available to the potential students.


  • The faculty of Engineering of this university is well apparent for engineering studies.
  • Investigation is carried out in the industrial and health sciences engineering sectors through innumerable centers and institutes.
  • Monetary assistance is profusely available for eventual students.


  • The University beholds exclusive education and training in its Engineering allied courses.
  • The main subjects comprises of some notable fields being Biomedical, Robotics, Intelligent Control Systems, etc.
  • Scholarship is available for latent students.


  • Queen's University provides various Engineering programs such as Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc.
  • Financial assistance is available for probable scholars.


  • The School of Engineering deals in various Engineering Programs including Biomedical, Chemical and Petroleum, Civil, Environmental Engineering, etc.
  • Funding is available through Scholarships.


  • The teaching staff of Engineering in this University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the several fields of engineering including Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, etc.
  • Scholarship facility is available for students.

Canada houses some of the highest ranking Engineering Schools providing with exceptional coursework and practical training making it a prevalent student destination for engineering related studies.

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